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"We support women’s informed choices regardless where or with whom they desire to birth" 

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Qi Gong (Chi Gung) 

Carmen Vargas

I am a super happy, joyful and grateful woman!

A sister, a wife, mother of two talented, handsome young men and grandma to a super active, talented and happy 6 year old girl, mother-in-law to two beautiful, sweet and smart young women, a caring friend and an empathetic and passionate holistic nutritional health coach who also teaches QiGong which was part of my treatment for cancer and many other issues.

I am a two time breast cancer survivor who only once accepted the traditional cancer treatment and when I found how bad it hurt my body with my authorization I decided to take charge of my body, mind and spirit if ever it happened again. So when it did I decided that it was the moment to be true to myself and honor my word by NOT accepting chemotherapy and going the nutritional way while working on my mind and spirit.

All the above have pushed me to passionately thrive in helping change the overall outer and inner health of the people I meet through referrals of satisfied clients or people who ask me how I did it to overcome that health experience and honor me with their trust and courage to make powerful healthy changes in their lifestyles as their coach/guide.

While fighting away cancer cells, I came across traditional Chinese medicine options: Medical Qi Gong, an over 5000 year old practice.
Qi Gong (Chi Gung) “Life Energy Cultivation” is a holistic system of coordinated slow flowing movement and body posture, deep rhythmic breathing, and calm meditative state of mind used in the belief that it promotes health.

Research concerning QiGong have been conducted for a wide range of medical conditions, including hypertension, pain, and cancer treatment. The results depended greatly on each individuals perseverance in the practice of this exercise and the changes they made in their nutrition keeping in that it does not treat or cure, it supports and strengthens the treatment you are already following.

Certified Medical Qi Gong Instructor
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